Top 21

The top 21 is one of many special shows that KWTS offers to its listeners. It is hosted by Lady B aka Bri Leeper.  

Lady B entertains her listeners with songs off the CMJ music charts, among other songs making waves on college radio.  She mixes witty repartee with interesting college rock news to keep her fans coming back for more.  

The top 21 has become a staple amongst the special shows on the One 91.1 FM and can be heard throughout the world online at

If can’t catch the show every week Lady B post or songs from the show on the Spotify playlist for the station, so you can go check out the music on there. 

The top 21 airs Thursdays from 5 PM to 7 PM only on the One 91.1 FM, the station for your generation.

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Cinema Talk

     Cinema Talk is a show on KWTS The One 91.1 FM that comes on every Monday from 7-9 PM and hosted by JR Alvarado & Jon Jon Davis. The show discusses everything movies such as Superman, Iron Man, Batman, Captain America, Star Wars, ect. They will have special guests come on the show to help them in their debates about all things movies. They also play music during their breaks. Most of the time, they will play alternative/ punk rock to give fans a break from all the movie talk. They will always have themed episodes such as a DC Comics episode, Marvel episode, all Star Wars episode, ect. They bring a fresh new perspective on all things movies and have shown that comic book characters have taken over the movie industry. 

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One Sessions

Today is a big day for the Mass Communication department because we are putting on a live recording of a acoustic concert in our HD studio. The concert is called One Sessions. One Sessions is concert series that goes on every semester since the Fall of 2010. The show is completely student run and operated. The show this semester is featuring local artist Johnny Reverb. If you want to come and see the show the doors open up at 6:30 pm and show starts at 7 pm in the AT&T HD Studio in the Fine Arts Complex here our campus of West Texas A&M University. 

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The Rocket

The Rocket started in 2006 by a student who went by the name Patman. The Rocket plays the hardest hitting heavy metal music in the Texas Panhandle. The show is currently the second longest running show in KWTS history. The Rocket supports local music by bringing them on the show as special guest and playing their music. The host for the show includes: Heath McCarthy (Nordic Beard), Adrian Garcia (The Living Dead Beat), and Carly Cathel (Maiden Michelle). You can catch The Rocket every Thursday night from 9-11pm here on KWTS 91.1 FM. 

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Social Media

      This last year we have really stepped up our game in the social media presence. As you can tell we now have a blog that we do, we have Instagram (@kwtsradio) , Twitter (@kwtsradio), Facebook ( and we have out own website ( If you have not had a chance to check out this social media platforms when you get the time. Most of our special shows have social media pages too. So if you listen to the shows look out for them to give out where to find them on social media.

      It is never too late to sign up to get  tour of the studios here in the Broadcasting Department at WTAMU. We love giving tours and showing off all of our cool toys that we have. We can do tours for large or ever small groups. Just shoot our General Manager a email at or call at 806-651-2796. 

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Looking at the On-Air Studio

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Visiting “The One” Studio

    One of our favorite things to do at the station is how off the radio station studio. We give tours to anyone and everyone who wants one. We can give tour to large groups or just to one person. All you have to do is either call our general manager at 806-651-2796 or email him at . 

    We have a lot of students who are wanting to do something in sports broadcasting. We have a team on the station just for that. We just covered potentially our last basketball of the season all depending on on a few things. Our sports team does broadcast of volleyball, basketball, and football live over that radio. We also do broadcast of softball, baseball, and soccer on the live stream for the athletics website. The sports team also does a weekly sports report on at WT sports team that is played every Friday at noon. 

     This up coming week in our radio practicum we are going to go over the history of the radio station. So if you want the answer to the poll/question this week ask the student in that class for the answer. 

     Also don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Twitter at @kwtsradio and then like us on Facebook at KWTS The One 91.1. 

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