The Malt Shop

Here on KWTS we pride ourselves with a lot, one of those things being diverse in our music. Granted, we have our standard, college rock format. But, we also allow students to manage their own special shows,pick their music, be extremely creative with production, and just have some fun.


A new show to the line up, The Malt Shop, is a breath of vintage air to our music library. Dakota Kessler, or DJ D-K Rock, is the host of this show. He picked the genre of the 40s, 50s, and 60s, because he grew up listening to those decades. Thanks to his dad and grandfather, Dakota was influenced by the sounds of Elvis, The Crests, The Chordettes, and Ray Charles (just to name a few). On his show, he highlights an artist every week. He also holds a trivia contest with prizes pertaining to the music and artists.

Dakota finds the music extremely enjoyable – it puts him in a feel good mood even if things throughout his day hit the fan.  Just load in some golden oldies, and he is definitely happier.


Aside from The Malt Shop, Dakota is working on his bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism. He also loves to collect records (1st pressings (preferably) and read comic books.

Tune in to KWTS 91.1 FM every Wednesday night 10 to midnight to hear DJ D-K Rock play the best from the 40s, 50s, and 60s. You can also live stream using the WT Mobile App (Open, swipe left, and click ‘The One’ icon) or head to DJ D-K Rock

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Sharing the Air

KWTS: broadcasting to 9 counties, 24/7, 365 days, and always bringing in a new round of on-air DJ’s and many special shows. We never shy away from showing the ropes to the new generation of our station. There’s heart, personality, diversity, and a bundle of nerves awaiting each student as they crack the mic. Each semester we welcome our new radio personnel as they don over-the-ear headphones and create a catchy DJ name.

For those who are too shy for camera, radio is the way to go. Starting September 10, our new round of DJ’s prepared for their shift and first time broadcasting live to our loyal listeners. It’s always nerve-racking experience. Because what do you expect from 6,000 watts of power? Returning students lead the way and showed them the do’s, don’ts, and the discovery of sharing the experience that is The One 91.1.


We all recall the many stories of our very own meeting their best friends, future partner, or appreciation of radio through KWTS. That’s just it though, everyone walks through this journey learning something different. Whether it’s a preference for video, learning what your voice actually sounds like, or the motivation to learn more about the day-to-day life of a radio station, The One never strays away from the creative or those who want to dig in.

Girls’ Night In and The Malt Shop are a couple of new special shows joining us this semester. Pop Punk Past Time, The Power Block, Unsportsmanlike Conduct, and Psychotic Reaction continue on through last year. These special show DJ’s started off as rookies learning the faders and assignments like everyone else. They are the leaders and mentors for the a small college radio generation. About 1% of all people get this amazing opportunity to broadcast live. KWTS is more than thankful to contribute that small number.

It’s a once in a lifetime chance, growing experience, and great creative outlet. KWTS provides students with a crash course and hands on experience of FM radio. From creating production, reviewing music, calling live games, or generating social media content, the options are endless and unlimited. Everyone is set up to succeed. We might be located in little ol’ Canyon, TX, but there’s pure heart and dedication surrounding our station. So, to those new DJ’s fumbling their way through each jock break we encourage you not to be afraid of failing. Turn up that mic, lower that music bed, and try, try, try again.


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Director Spotlight Series: The Great Dane

One thing that sets KWTS The One 91.1 FM apart from other college radio stations is the fact we are student-run and student-produced. From the music selected to go on-air, to the production pieces played throughout, and even the management side of things, all of these positions are filled by students. Paid students, in fact. Yes, we get a paycheck to learn real life experience, and not just radio stuff. It goes deeper than that, such as building leadership and teamwork abilities, sharpening software skills, and creating Danein which only college can do.

One of our own, Dane Glenn, has done just that. Four years and some change ago he entered the Media Comm program, a runaway from the English department. At about his senior year there, he decided he couldn’t explicate any more Shakespeare. He wanted to crack open another Chaucer or Austen novel for entertainment, not for homework. Also, movies.

Yes, Dane wanted to learn the cinematic craft that can be art and crap. Since he could remember, the best, most endearing and thoughtful babysitter he had ever had was Television. Sometimes its friend VCR would come over as well. Here Dane escaped, learned, laughed, cried, and ultimately, was entertained. So it was only natural he end up in the Media Comm department; a risky move considering all his earned English credits, but at the heart of every great on-screen story, there must be a well-written script. Guess that money spent on those past courses wasn’t wasted after all.

8 Bit BoomboxDane moved up quick in KWTS (not to mention the department). Yes, he started out as a student in KWTS Practicum, doing his 2 hour shift a week just like everyone else. Later, he started his own special show, The 8 Bit Boombox, an homage to the greatest decade ever, the 80s. Soon after he got the position as Program Director (an idea he jumped at last minute because he was uncertain he had the time or the courage to take the job). Since, he has been a part of the National Broadcasting Society, Maroon Productions (on-campus, student-produced media group), co-hosted a morning show (The Black Tie Affair), co-hosted an award-winning podcast (Director’s Cut), and graduated somewhere in that mess.

Now, he is in his last year of graduate school, running KWTS under the title of Operations Manager. This semester marks his 5th go round to teach KWTS Practicum, and his first to teach Basic Video. He has been a GA to pretty much whoever needs one, including Professor of Broadcasting, Randy Ray, and the Dean of the College of Fine Arts and Humanities, Dr. Jessica Mallard. At some point he should say “no”, but without all those “yes’s”, he wouldn’t be where he is today.

Dane has two kids, a teenage daughter and toFamddler son. He cherishes the hell out of his kids and they are a driving factor for his future career. One day he will marry his love, Jordan Gerber, who has been nothing short of the cornerstone of his life. When he is not doing homework, grading papers, critiquing videos, running the radio station, or working on his thesis, he likes to hang out with his family, mainly parks and the Discovery Center. For him time though, he enjoys the lost art of reading, playing video games, and catching up on the latest Netflix series or watching any film (no rom-coms though). He enjoys a cold-craft beer, a thick cigar, and a well-deserved golden moment to ignore life. But he does love his jobs, and as far as his college career and future career goes, it wouldn’t have happened had he not enrolled in KWTS.

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Chalk it up a Little


Noun. A soft white limestone formed from the skeletal remains of sea creatures. Available in a plethora of colors, shapes, and sizes.

Verb. To draw or write with chalk. Or get a pool cue ready for that epic bounce shot. Used for art or graffiti, depending on your view.

Adjective. Used as a reference to describe the texture of food and beverages.


Teachers once used it. The blackboard that was dark green. Banging erasers together as punishment for either skipping class or pushing Filbert Hockney out of the water fountain line.


It expresses, describes, remedies, and prescribes. You could draw a hopscotch course until the chalk is a nub between your fingers. You could write “I will not use Wikipedia as a credited resource” until your arm is as tight as string cheese. You could draw an amazing 3D ground mural and have all of New York over stuff Instagram with your artistic abilities. Or you could eat it, because, you know, people are weird.


For us here at KWTS, it has become a tradition. At the beginning of the semester we gather ‘round the pedestrian highway between the Classroom Center, Mary Moody Northen Hall, and the Sybil B. Harrington Fine Arts building. This all sounds like a mouthful, but the causeway in which we etch is well traversed, and most importantly, well seen.

Some of our new students from the KWTS practicum class as well as our student directors poured out onto the January concrete and colored their little radio-infused hearts out. DJs, rookies and veterans alike, articulated their names in personalized, rainbow text. Special Shows, those geared toward a specific genre (classic rock, punk, heavy metal), showed up to promote their own brand of music excellence. Yes, it’s a fun, simple, and extremely inexpensive way to endorse you. If you have the chalk, the time, and most importantly the space, you could make you glitter and shine in all that grainy and gritty dyed glory.

Yet, as we sit here rambling on in typed word, we could just show you what we mean. Yes, we have pictures, but not just the still kind. This is the new trend called Motion Pictures. In today’s vernacular: video. We have quite a few up-and-coming talents, those savvy in shoot-and-edit lingo and a palette for fresh, chic, and mind-blowing. These words do little justice, so we shall hush our blog-heavy mouths and let you experience what they have to offer. Enjoy!


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Harvesting a Future with Maroon & White

The first time is always rough. In front of the mic, an overwhelming arsenal of buttons, knobs, and faders at your disposal but you are too scared to fire up the beast. Fingers shaky over the red, hesitant to make this experience real.

Mic is cracked, music halted so the world can hear your voice, sample your personality. In slides fear, freezing the vocals. All that escapes are fragments of words composed of mixed letters and silence. Lots of awkward silence. You say half of what you are supposed to then cut the mic. Resume music.

We always tell the new students that going on-air is not that bad, it’s not horrid, or a page out of a Stephen King novel. Granted not everyone experiences this imagery drenched initiation into the disc jockey realm, but as we tell the newbies, fear eventually loses. Comfort does come, we promise.

It takes a few times on-air to get going, to find a voice and beef it up with clarity, articulation, enunciation, and, most importantly, personality. As mentioned before, we are entertainers. There is not a magic fairy who sprinkles dust on your sleeping head which turns you into a captivating, enchanting disc jockey. It takes practice. It takes lighting fear on fire and using that light to find out who you really are behind the mic.

Carly 3

Carly is on that journey.

As a freshman, she her name is becoming more familiar around these halls. Mainly for her stellar penmanship (seriously, it looks like typewriter print), but also her smooth, rich voice. Tune in every Tuesday evening from 5 to 7 then you’ll understand.

On-air you may know her as Zelda. Video games lovers, we’re gonna need you to calm down. Her name is not based on a digital princess in the digital realm of Hyrule. We willcover her name’s origin story later.


As for her homeland, Carly grew up in Pampa, TX, just a short hop that way. Being close to home, WT was a viable choice for college. After graduation, her options are open (she still has time to ultimately decide); however, she has expressed interest in film school . Given our Mass Comm program’s great curriculum (not to mention our armada of shiny trophies), the inexpensive education, and our ability to provide a stepping stone to film school, WT seemed prime cut to Carly.

She found her way to KWTS practicum thanks to her advisor and her own curiosity about the class. Making content and having a voice in the worldof media are loves of hers (but she hates listening to herself talk!). What better way to give into Cupid’s spell than to dive into an award-winning program that gives back.

Her eye and passion for art extend beyond media. She’s into buildings and what’s in them, though she prefers the terms architecture and interior design. Maybe one day she’ll design her own extremely rad house.

Carly 2She’d have a  modern arcade, though she’s no league player or achievement hunter. In her movie room, she’d munch on salted popcorn and Twizzlers as she watched the 90s dark classic The 

Crow starring the late Brandon Lee, a film older than her, but cherished nonetheless.  Head over to the library (yes, some people still read books) to find her reading her favorite Thanks for the Trouble by Tommy Wallach, a compelling love story about  Parker and the enigmatic girl Zelda, from whom Carly took her DJ name. She’d have a house-wide BlueTooth speaker system, playing anything from Taylor Swift to Dua Lipa to SIAMES to Gorillaz (Amarillo, anyone?). But don’t be taken by surprise if you were to hear her favorite song Right Where you Want Me by Jesse McCartney. Lastly, at the end of a long day of jamming out, digital adventures, silver screen escapism, and bound stories, she would settle down to a buffet of everything seafood.

Carly is definitely a spirited young woman. What she is growing into within this 22687697_540016683008903_6651523570657397037_nprogram is nothing short of spectacular. She has taken the advice to “Dig In!”. Yes, she did just start here at WT, but given her eagerness for involvement, she will have constructed a foundation for a grand career.

We wish you well, Carly. But she is not without her parting words; “I hope you’re having a wonderful morning, afternoon, or evening wherever you are!”

You too, Carly. You, too.


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Heading East to Make it West

Radio does not seem that difficult when stripped down to the bare bones. Disconnect the paperwork to focus solely on the DJ, that voice cutting the air waves into ear candy  dipped in musical awesome sauce. Granted, a disc jockey rarely uses discs  any more – or vinyl for that matter. Now, production and tunes are accessed and played by the click of a mouse. A hard drive is the new shelf. No more dusty albums. No more scratched surfaces. Just digitally mastered filet mignon for your ear holes. But the DJ still has a job to do. Inform, certainly: weather updates, news headlines, traffic jams, upcoming concerts . . .  you get the idea, but there is more to the service. A computer can be programmed to play endless music with a commercial or other production tossed into the mix. But what makes hosted radio different from automated radio is the disc jockey, the man or woman behind the mic. And their purpose? To entertain! And this, folks, is where it gets tricky.

It takes guts to crack the mic, to talk to an unforeseen amount of people. It takes passion for hosting to keep those people locked into the station. And it takes dedication to that passion to get listeners to keep tuning in. Our own Sierra Rae shines through every Tuesday morning from 9 to 11, and her audience is growing.

Sierra radio


Sierra knew about WT’s award-winning Mass Comm program thanks to a friend who toured the facilities; however, her college-career in media didn’t start with Maroon and White. Sierra went to junior college in Coolidge and, during her off-time, studied acting in Scottsdale . Time passed and her interest in the mass communication world grew. A little while later, she found herself to be a Buffalo, home in West Texas.

After school, she plans to move to The Big City. LA and New York are on her radar, or Phoenix if it comes to it, but as long as she is working in communication for media or exploring her passion for fashion, she’ll be happy. But as our legendary professor around these parts says, it takes more than good grades to get a job in our industry: dig in! And Sierra has a big shovel.

Currently, she is part of the marketing team for KWTS. Also, this little lady has a way with words, for she takes part in fashion blogs and lifestyle magazines. Check out the Sierra 3links below for a sample of her entertainingly savvy writing. Her love for style and apparel keeps her on the road; seeing the world, networking, and delving deeper into a blissful career.

As for other interests, Sierra is big into pop cultures shows, the latest trends, celebrities, and Top 40. Her stereo plays Harry Styles’ new album – from beginning to end – but of course it doesn’t compare to when she saw him live recently on his first tour. Either way, she knows what’s hot and will generously share her opinion. If what you seek is how to dress for success, dress to impress, or just dress (pajamas are for your house, people!), then get her advice.

But if you want to know how to entertain, to be a voice, to learn from Sierra, a personality that explodes from the mundane, then all you have to do is tune in and listen.

Sierra 1

Follow Sierra Rae on Instagram:



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Follow the Retro Brick Road

Nostalgia. A term used to reference all that our inner nerd loves. An idea built around appreciating, admiring, and never forgetting the things that shaped our childhood. TV shows, movies, music, fashion, hair styles, toys, and even food and drinks. The citrus-flavored Surge and oddly delicious Crystal Pepsi found their way back into refrigerators and onto the pallets of sugar-high connoisseurs. He-man flexes once again in a GEICO commercial. And home video as well as streaming services contain episodes of The Dick Van Dyke Show and Rugrats, all accessible with the touch of a fingertip.


This semester at The One we host a special show dripping nostalgia; a veritable mix tape of 70s, 80s, 90s, and early 2000s. They may throw in a surprise track every now and then, but regardless, when you tune in every Monday from 9 to 11 pm, Memory Lane Monday will certainly walk with you hand-in-hand down a very familiar road. MLM Poster





Ash the Flash, Wonder K, and DJ JD exploit the awesomeness of your childhood jams. These Larger Than Life hosts will send you through a Time Warp, build …This City on Rock n’ Roll, and release a Genie in a Bottle. So Come As Your Are because they will find a way to help you just Let it Go.

And that’s just their music.

Behind the mic, they are students: hitting the books, studying for exams, and procrastinating to the fullest.

Ashley, aka Ash the Flash, hails from Baltimore, and despite the culture shock, she found exactly what she was looking for in curriculum here at WT. In her time here in the Mass Comm program she did exactly as Professor (and Communication Hall of Fame inductee) Randy Ray says “Dig In!”. KWTS, the National Broadcasting Society (NBS), and WTTV Live Crew as well as Memory Lane Monday – and of course school – have filled her schedule. Yet these opportunities (some paid!) have given her the experience to help her reach her life goal working cameras for the NFL. Aside from her love of sports (well, not basketball) and her distaste for mashed potatoes, she could watch 10 Thing I Hate About You and Heathers on loop. Pop Punk is her favorite musical food; the band Real Friends she truly loves and their song Anchor Down can be found cranked to 11.

As for Kylee, aka Wonder K, her neck-of-the-Lone-Star-State is more hustle and bustle than little ol’ Canyon, TX. A Ft. Worth native, Kylee fell in love with the broadcasting culture during high school. Thanks to the advice of teachers and most notably her parents who had lived in TX Panhandle, Kylee decided the colors of Maroon and White would bring out her eyes. She is involved with KWTS and of course her special show. As for classes, her credit hour load is higher than most of us can count. Movie nights are always welcome, with anything Disney a staple on the silver screen.

MLM Halloween

Why wouldn’t it be? She wants to work there after graduation. Even her favorite song is from the land of the magical conglomerate – How Far I’ll Go (Moana). As for outside, she loves hiking, and after she has worked up an appetite she enjoys Mexican food yet shuns mashed potatoes (really? you’re a Texan!)

DJ JD, or as he is known in the streets of Canyon, TX,  Jonathan, his link to the Mass Comm program at WT started with his love for writing. As a previous History major, Jonathan didn’t want to write research papers for a living. He desired something different. After taking Writing for Media, he switched majors. Now under the Mass Comm umbrella, he was able to continue his passion for writing and apply it towards a degree in Broadcast Journalism but soon after fell victim to the bodacious Electronic Media program. He got involved with KWTS, NBS, WTTV Live Crew, and Phi Mu Alpha, a fraternity for the advancement of American music, something he has been spirited about since joining up in Spring of 2016. After his four years here, he plans to enter the grad school realm at the University of Texas. That’s good because he will be closer to his favorite baseball team, the Texas Rangers. He can be found drifting into classic rock, most notably Waiting for a Girl Like You by Foreigner while still searching for the greatest. Cheeseburger. Ever!

MLMThese three talented students collided during KWTS Practicum. During their final project one semester – the creation of a special show – the trio decided to make it an actual thing. They wanted to play music they grew up with, that they were familiar (and sometimes) unfamiliar with, and more importantly, they wanted to play music that everyone could relate to and enjoy. This collaboration brought them closer in-studio but also created a friendship neither of them thought possible prior. Tune in. You’ll notice their je na sais quoi. Dynamic isn’t a strong enough word. Either way, their attitude, passions, love for music, and dedication to nostalgia are evident. Here at The One, we have a saying for Memory Lane Monday. To borrow the words of the late, great Walt Disney, “Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional.”



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