Not only are we on the radio here at WT, we also have our own television station, WTTV.

This is a channel that broadcasts across the campus, even into campus dorms. On normal days, the channel is providing things such as student produced content, PSAs, advertisements of student events, services and announcements, or showing pictures of WT events. Also, Monday through Thursday at 1 and 5 p.m. you can catch KWTS’s news briefs.

However, on Tuesdays at 7 p.m., you can watch WTTV News One’s weekly, half hour broadcast. They bring West Texas A&M University current campus, state-wide, national news and weather. The whole broadcast is put on by students at WT. It is part of the Television News and Reporting class in Mass Communication. Here is a link to their latest broadcast. 

You can also follow them on Twitter @WTTVNewsOne

WTTV also has a crew (WTTV Live Crew) that provides online streaming for WT Basketball and Football on gobuffsgo.com. The video for football is also seen on the jumbo tron. The crew even help out with Freshman Convocation in the Fall.

Remember when I said that News One broadcasts to the university? Well, I lied. For the past two years, WTTV News One has participated in the Global News Relay and has broadcasted on an international level. This is a 24 hour news broadcast with universities all over the world contributing their time to the show.

Last year News One produced a two hour segment.

This year the theme was about global poverty, and with more schools participating, News One produced a 15 minute segment. You can catch them at 2:03:00.

If your WT organization or service has an announcement to put on WTTV, email the flyer to wttv@wtamu.edu.

But back to KWTS. What is your favorite show on the station?


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Communication Week

It has been one of the busiest weeks in the Department of Communication. It was Communication Week.

This is a week where the department gets to show people across the campus what we do. Also, all areas of emphasis and organizations in Mass Communication and Communication Studies get to come together and have fun. Events outside of the classroom bring together students, faculty and even alumni for fun and education.

This year’s theme was “Game Changers: What is Your Digital Destiny?” The committee chose this theme because of the accomplishments of Aaron Dignan, the week’s distinguished lecturer, and what our society is experiencing in terms of communication. Dignan wrote a book about how games can benefit learning, and he is also the co-founder of a digital strategy firm. The committee felt that, as communicators, we have the ability and power to change the game, and in this digital society, it is important to adapt and find one’s digital destiny.

In the spirit of games, the week kicked off with an event modeled after NBC’s Hollywood Game Night. Groups of professors went head-to-head against students in games like How Do You Doo?, Clue Boom, Take a Hint, and Off the Top of My Head.

game night 5 game night 4 game night3 game night game night2Photo Credit: Eternal Flame

That evening, alumni from across the state and the country came back to campus to speak to and network with students.

alumni2 alumni3 alumni4 alumniPhoto Credit: WT Mass Comm Program

Tuesday, our communication family feuded a little in Family Feud.

family feud family feud2 family feud3 fam feud Photo Credit: Eternal Flame

Later in the day, Aaron Dignan met one-on-one with students and spoke about successful business organizations in today’s world.

aaron aaron2

To finish off the week (or three days), some communication faculty strutted their stuff in Project Runway. Dr. Hahn dressed as the Monopoly Man, Professor Schlegel as the Chess Queen, Professor Bruce as Princess Lolly, Professor Westermann as Princess Peach, Dr. Franken as Pac Man. Dean Mallard and Dr. Cain took home the crystal pumpkin as Mario and Luigi.

pr pr2

If you can’t tell, we have fun here in WTAMU’s Communication Department!

The Oscars are on Sunday! Tell us who you think should win or should have won Best Picture.

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Who Should Win Best Picture?

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Serve in the Public’s Interest

One of the biggest responsibilities we have at KWTS is to serve in the public’s interest, and we take that very seriously. However, we don’t just serve the public inside the station. We volunteer our time and participate in many community service events. Most recently, we teamed up with the National Broadcasting Society to help out Family Support Services in Amarillo.

Every year Family Support Services hosts a Mardi Gras celebration. They have Cajun food, music, dancing, a casino, auctions, and beads, of course. All the money raised at the event goes to Family Support Services. Our staff and members of NBS took on all kinds of roles at the event. Some served food or drinks. Others cleaned off tables, and some even facilitated the games in the casino! It’s always a lot of work, but it is worth it and fun!

Coming up, we are going to participate in highway cleanup. We adopted a stretch of highway just south of Canyon, and we always keep it clean! Remember, Don’t mess with Texas! Then, we have signed up to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity in Amarillo. It’s always rewarding to participate in community service. It’s great to know we are making a difference. Our broadcast engineer, Johnny Story, said it well, “When you don’t have money to give, give your time.”


Stay tuned for updates on our upcoming community service events. In the meantime, WT’s Communication Week is next week, so take our latest poll and go “like” WT Communication Week on Facebook!


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What’s Your Ideal Valentine’s Date?

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Full Steam Ahead!

Our DJs are back!

Since Monday our Practicum students and special shows have been stepping into the on-air studio for the first time this semester. They are excited to be in there playing the great music and taking your requests, but also taking care of the responsibilities that go along with being a DJ. We teach those responsibilities in class and in the first few weeks of being on the air. We are the station for your generation, and we are here for you!

At KWTS we strive to be a voice for WT, so that means getting people across campus over here to be a part of the station. If you have been listening to our DJs announcements and the morning show, you know there’s a lot going on! We have heard from leaders at WT to the director of WTAMU Theatre’s production of The Importance of Being Earnest. We hope to keep this involvement up and have more of you on the station. If you are a WT organization or service that needs an announcement on the air, don’t hesitate to email us at kwtsgm@gmail.com.

Our news team is back to giving you the top stories of the day at 1 and 5 Monday through Thursday and on Fridays at noon they have their “Closer Look” at WT. At that time our sports team has their weekly sports update for you. Speaking of our sports team, they have already been broadcasting WT sporting events. Be sure to tune-in and monitor our social media for updates on when we’ll be broadcasting games!

A lot of new music has been added to the station, thanks to our music team and director! They work to get all the music sent to us listened to and picked for our station. So, keep listening and requesting songs at 806-651-2911! It’s great to be The One!

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Top 21 w/ AveryTay

One of our returning special shows this semester will be the Top 21. Our music director AveryTay will be hosting this show as part of her many duties as music director. She will bring you the top 21 hits from the CMJ charts every Thursday night from 5 to 7 p.m. The Top 21 will bring you the best music in the Texas Panhandle, as well as some conversation with various bands throughout the semester. This show is always exciting to tune in to. You get to hear the great music and also a little background on the songs and artists. Plus, you never know who might be on the show for a little performance or interview. Well, we might let you know if you follow our social media.

AveryTay is already hard at work this semester getting the best music on the station. She and her music team have been going through stacks of music. We can’t wait to have our DJs back on the air on Monday playing you that music and taking your requests! We are ready and we hope you are, too!

If you are in the listening area, just turn that dial to 91.1FM. If not, go to our website wtamu.edu/kwts or download the WTAMU mobile app!

Avery Taylor

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