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one sessions

If you talk to anyone in WTAMU’s Mass Communication department, they’ll tell you – we do cool things. We make cool things. We meet cool people. One of the exceptionally cool things we do is One Sessions. One Sessions is a biannual live, acoustic concert hosted in the Fine Arts Complex’s AT&T HD Studio.

The HD studio is transformed from a simple black room, to just about anything you can imagine. Students from across the department come together to choose the band/artist, design the set, and run the show. It’s recorded (all HD, of course) and then sent to post-production where students edit together a final product which wins national awards every year. The department has hosted the likes of Trent Monk, Natalie Schlabs, Zac Wilkerson, Deep Diver, and many more.

This semester, One Sessions will feature Mount Ivy – a self-identified Space Rock band from Amarillo, TX. A little edgy with a little bit of an indie feel, they’re a change of pace from last year’s artist, Tennessee Tuckness (who brought more of country/folksy vibe.) So mark your calendars for Thursday, November 19, because this is a show you won’t want to miss!

mount ivy

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What is your favorite “ito?”

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DJ of the Week: Neicylashae

FullSizeRender (1)

Our DJ of the week is Janecia Stevenson aka DJ Neicylashae! She’s a freshman at WT, but that didn’t stop her from jumping right into the action. She’s been on air for half of a semester, but she sounds like a pro. Be sure to tune in during her air shift on Tuesdays from 9-11am!


Hometown: Amarillo

Major: Mass Communication with an emphasis in advertising and public relations

Hobbies: musical theatre, singing, writing music, working out, working, hanging with friends, and eating.

Snow cone: Wedding cake with cream

Princes: Pocahontas!!

Favorite place on campus: The gym!

Favorite part of KWTS: being on air during my jock breaks (DUH.)

If you have a favorite DJ, let us know who it is! Message us on Facebook, or shoot us a tweet @kwtsradio and tell us who you think our DJ of the Week should be!

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DJ of the Week: Callie B

Right now, at The One, we have a very diverse, unique group of approximately 40 different DJ’s. In that group, there’s so many different interests and hobbies and music tastes and favorite Disney princesses. And while you can call our request line (806.651.2911) and chat with our DJ’s, we know that’s not enough for you to get to know them.

So we’re featuring a new DJ every week (maybe two, if we can’t decide between the awesomeness), because we want you to get to know the humans behind the microphone, and to give them a little shout out for all the hard work they do here at the station.

Our first featured DJ is sophomore Broadcast Journalism major, Callie Shipley, (aka DJ Callie B). She’s a native Texan, hailing from the bustling metropolis of Channing, and she’s sure to brighten your day with her cheerful jockbreaks.

callie shipley

Hobbies include: Playing guitar, singing, reading, and Dr Pepper-drinking

Favorite snow cone flavor: Strawberry

Favorite Disney princess: Belle

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? In 5 years, I see myself married and living out in the country with a job at the Amarillo Globe!

Favorite part of WT: The people here and the friends I’ve made!

Favorite part of being on KWTS: The opportunity to have hands-on experience and to have my own DJ shift air every week!

If you’ve heard a DJ on the station that you’re especially impressed with, shoot us a tweet @kwtsradio, or Facebook us and let us know why you think they should be our DJ of the week! And be sure to tune in every day at, or on your WTMobile app!

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PM in the AM


One thing we pride ourselves in at KWTS, is our diverse Special Programming. While our station format is college and indie rock, we’ve been known have every kind of special show – with everything from hip hop to metal to country, we have something for everyone.

Among our special shows, is our morning show. This one is extra cool because unlike other special shows, the morning show is Monday-Friday, and it’s actually a paid position on our staff. For the previous two semesters, the morning show mics were commandeered by The HandsomeMan Morning Show hosts – David-Man and Handsome Rob. They left quite a legacy at KWTS (and can still be heard on The One on Fridays from 9-11am).

However, stepping in to fill the shoes of the Handsome Brothers were two magnificent characters that keep us laughing all day long. Payton Northrup and Malcolm Montgomery of PM in the AM wake you up at 7am and keep you glued to your radio until 9.

They talk about everything from breaking news to pop culture to sports, and their hilarious dynamic is sure to keep you entertained. You can listen to PM in the AM every weekday morning (and you should) by checking out, your WTMobile app, or of course by turning your FM dial to 91.1.

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Don’t Mess with Texas

Being a public radio station means that our job is to serve in the interest of the public. We do this every day, whether it’s through PSA’s, weather alerts, or having in-studio guests from around the community.

Here at The One, we take that job very seriously. Adopt-a-Highway currently has more than 3,800 participating groups across the state, including all of our DJ’s and staff here at The One! KWTS has participated in Adopt-a-Highway for several years, going out twice per semester to clean up the community.

Earlier this week, our DJ’s headed out to our first Highway Cleanup of the semester, and collected more than 15 bags of litter! We were just a little south of Canyon, and west of Canyon High School. You can’t miss us in our highlighter orange vests!

We’ll be back out there next month, and while we love keeping Texas beautiful, we want to encourage you to do your part by not littering in your community! We’ll also be participating in the Texas Trash Off in April, and we hope you will too!

 highway cleanup

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Back in Action

As of September 8, 2015, our DJ’s are officially back on the air. But we’ve been grinding since the first day of school. We met tons of new freshmen at Buff Branding, Join the Herd, the Transfer Cookout, and The Freshman Cookout.

Here’s a few of our staff setting up for the Transfer Cookout at President O’Brien’s house.


If you were at Join the Herd, you probably met our friendly Morning Show hosts, Payton and Malcolm, of PM in the AM. They’re energetic and hilarious and are sure to wake you up on your morning drive.


And a big milestone occurred for our friends in the Journalism department, as we helped them celebrate the ribbon-cutting of their new multimedia production studio. President O’Brien spoke, along with Dr. Mallard, and Dr. Cain. We were also joined by lots of Communication Faculty, and several local news anchors. Such a cool facility.

As always, we’re proud to have a staff that’s well-rounded and actively involved across campus. From athletics to Greek Life, to WTTV, to Student Government, we’ve got it all.    

We’re so glad to finally kick off the semester, and we promise to continue to provide you with the best College and Indie Rock in the Panhandle. Be sure to tune in on your drive to school at 91.1 FM, or in between classes on your WTMobile app. Thanks to all the listeners and supporters of College Radio – we couldn’t do it without you!

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