Things Just Keep on Rolling


The station is going at full throttle right now. Everyone is up doing their jobs and they are doing their jobs pretty well. This semester’s line of DJs that we have for the station is amazing. If you haven’t tuned into the station in a while turn that radio dial to 91.1 FM or listen to us online at or we are on the Live365 app and you can just look up “KWTS 91.1”.

Just this weekend we all went bowling together at the bowling alley here on the campus of West Texas A&M University together and we put our bowling skills to the test. Our morning show host Allison came out victorious. She bowled a 117 and a 108 in both of the games that bowled together.


If you every want to hear about local, state, or national new make sure you tune in at 1pm and 5pm every day for the  “The News at 1 on The One” and then the “Flash at 5” for a news report from members of our news team here at the station.

Have you ever wanted to come take a tour of the radio station here? Well if you do you can just call me the general manager at 806-651-2796 and we can arrange a time and date for you to come visit. We love to show everyone the cool things that we get to work with every single time that we get the chance.

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