Visiting “The One” Studio

    One of our favorite things to do at the station is how off the radio station studio. We give tours to anyone and everyone who wants one. We can give tour to large groups or just to one person. All you have to do is either call our general manager at 806-651-2796 or email him at . 

    We have a lot of students who are wanting to do something in sports broadcasting. We have a team on the station just for that. We just covered potentially our last basketball of the season all depending on on a few things. Our sports team does broadcast of volleyball, basketball, and football live over that radio. We also do broadcast of softball, baseball, and soccer on the live stream for the athletics website. The sports team also does a weekly sports report on at WT sports team that is played every Friday at noon. 

     This up coming week in our radio practicum we are going to go over the history of the radio station. So if you want the answer to the poll/question this week ask the student in that class for the answer. 

     Also don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Twitter at @kwtsradio and then like us on Facebook at KWTS The One 91.1. 

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