Country With K&J

Here at The One, we’re really about College and Indie Rock. We love it. Like, really love it. Borderline obsession. But, we get that not everybody loves it as much as we do. That’s fine. No hard feelings. We appreciate diversity, and we love to embrace the culture and roots of that which we live right in the middle of. Thus, a solution is born.

Behold, Country With K&J. We’ve got some of the sweetest, most countrified gals you’ve ever met holding down The One on Monday nights from 7 to 9 PM. Yankee Jane and Kassafras are playing everything from Josh Abbott to Hank Williams to Cody Johnson to Willie Nelson and we gotta say – we really dig it. Plus, they always keep us informed with their agriculture facts and entertained with their “jokes of the day”.

Kassafras is a Native Texan from the DFW area, and Yankee Jane is our pal from the North (which we try not to hold against her). They’re definitely a change of pace, but a welcomed one. Even if you’re not from Texas, we always encourage a healthy dose of Country music because a little twang is good for the soul.

Listen to them on 91.1FM, on your WTMobile App, or on And be sure to hit ’em up on Twitter and Facebook at and @CountryWithKJ.


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