As radio broadcasters, we have a really cool job. We get to entertain you. We get to inform you of all kinds of great (and sometimes not-so-great) stuff. We get to share announcements with you. We get to celebrate with you. The point is, it’s all about you. And we totally dig it. We love, love, love that we get to serve the public. And a part of that service here at The One that you may not know about, is our commitment to keeping our community beautiful. And we’re not just talking about filling the airwaves with beautiful music (though we do that too.)

This past weekend, 37 staff members participated in a community service event called Work-A-Thon. We’ll also have you know that we had the most representatives of all the organizations, no big deal. For those of you who don’t know, Work-A-Thon is a campus-wide community service project at West Texas A&M that takes place every year. The weekend before Homecoming, all the organizations across campus get together to clean up the community and the campus.

One neat thing about living in the Texas Panhandle is that you never waste money on those “Hurricane Simulators” in the mall, because we basically have hurricane-level winds on a weekly basis. Thus, you can find the most random stuff that’s blown in from who even knows where. KWTS took charge of cleaning up a neighborhood park and picked up ridiculous amounts of trash and debris and left the place sparkling brighter than the top of the Chrysler building.

Visit our Twitter and Instagram (@kwtsradio) to see pictures and to keep up with more cool stuff that we’re doing, along with community/campus updates, and of course awesome new music.

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