Top 21 w/ AveryTay

One of our returning special shows this semester will be the Top 21. Our music director AveryTay will be hosting this show as part of her many duties as music director. She will bring you the top 21 hits from the CMJ charts every Thursday night from 5 to 7 p.m. The Top 21 will bring you the best music in the Texas Panhandle, as well as some conversation with various bands throughout the semester. This show is always exciting to tune in to. You get to hear the great music and also a little background on the songs and artists. Plus, you never know who might be on the show for a little performance or interview. Well, we might let you know if you follow our social media.

AveryTay is already hard at work this semester getting the best music on the station. She and her music team have been going through stacks of music. We can’t wait to have our DJs back on the air on Monday playing you that music and taking your requests! We are ready and we hope you are, too!

If you are in the listening area, just turn that dial to 91.1FM. If not, go to our website or download the WTAMU mobile app!

Avery Taylor

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