Full Steam Ahead!

Our DJs are back!

Since Monday our Practicum students and special shows have been stepping into the on-air studio for the first time this semester. They are excited to be in there playing the great music and taking your requests, but also taking care of the responsibilities that go along with being a DJ. We teach those responsibilities in class and in the first few weeks of being on the air. We are the station for your generation, and we are here for you!

At KWTS we strive to be a voice for WT, so that means getting people across campus over here to be a part of the station. If you have been listening to our DJs announcements and the morning show, you know there’s a lot going on! We have heard from leaders at WT to the director of WTAMU Theatre’s production of The Importance of Being Earnest. We hope to keep this involvement up and have more of you on the station. If you are a WT organization or service that needs an announcement on the air, don’t hesitate to email us at kwtsgm@gmail.com.

Our news team is back to giving you the top stories of the day at 1 and 5 Monday through Thursday and on Fridays at noon they have their “Closer Look” at WT. At that time our sports team has their weekly sports update for you. Speaking of our sports team, they have already been broadcasting WT sporting events. Be sure to tune-in and monitor our social media for updates on when we’ll be broadcasting games!

A lot of new music has been added to the station, thanks to our music team and director! They work to get all the music sent to us listened to and picked for our station. So, keep listening and requesting songs at 806-651-2911! It’s great to be The One!

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