Made in Canyon, USA

I’m sure you have heard us time and time again tell you that we are a completely student-run and produced radio station. We say that over and over again because we are proud of it. Now, we can’t forget to mention that we do have a wonderful broadcast engineer and adviser, Johnny Story and Randy Ray.

But everything that you hear through your speakers is created here at WTAMU. Even some of the music has been recorded in our facilities.

Right next to the KWTS studio we have four audio suites and one pro tools suite where our production team, special shows, and any students create audio production for the station and other projects. This is where everything from general KWTS sweepers to PSAs are created by students. I’m sure you have heard that some of that content is award-winning stuff!

Martha Alvarez is our Program Director, and she oversees all of the content created and selected for KWTS. She then has the task of scheduling and programming the station. In other words, she puts everything on the station including music selected by the music team and production created by our production team and special shows. She also assists with teaching KWTS Practicum, supervises all on-air talent, and ensures that KWTS is operating properly.


“It’s an honor to be Program Director at KWTS,” Alvarez said. “I am in a position to where I am able to provide the listeners with what they want and quality programming. I also get to teach and encourage the younger students to have the same passion for KWTS that I have.”

Without the work of the music team, production team and Martha, there wouldn’t be anything to listen to on KWTS.

We broadcast at 6,000 watts which stretches across nine surrounding counties, and we are heard around the world online. Everything you hear is made right here in WTAMU Canyon, USA.

See if you know what is programmed on KWTS in our new poll!

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