KWTS is at it again with community service and philanthropy! Shack-A-Thon is something that WTAMU, KWTS and many other WT organizations and groups participate in every year. Actually for the past seven years the WT Campus Minister’s Alliance has sponsored a fundraiser and awareness event called “Give-A-Goat,” which raises money to buy goats for people suffering from famine in the Horn of Africa.

The Alliance says that by giving goats, famine refugees from Kenya and Somalia will have a means of survival. Goats are a great source of transportable livelihood for the people of this region. They are partnering with Christian Relief Fund who will locate and deliver one goat for every $50.00 they raise. They say that the goat’s milk is filled with protein and vitamins that provide great nutrition and prevent disease. Any extra milk or cheese can be sold by the families for extra income to buy necessities. Just a few goats can transform an entire community, because, as the goats breed, the offspring are given to neighboring families.

The Give-A-Goat event ends with Shack-A-Thon.  This is where anyone can sign up to build and live in a shack for 24 hours to raise awareness of poverty and more money for goats. KWTS and NBS teamed up to build a shack beginning bright and early Wednesday morning. Stacks of pallets and cardboard greeted us, and we got to work!

IMG_1272 IMG_1271 IMG_1270 IMG_1268 IMG_1267

We had a blast building this shack! It ended up looking a chapel, so we put a cross on top and called it good. However, I think our chapel was outdone by the Navigators behind us.

A few brave souls hung out all night and slept (a few hours) in the shack. Bright and early the next morning it was time to tear it down and leave our campus just as beautiful as ever.

This year WT students raised more than $25,000 at Shack-A-Thon which will send more than 500 goats to Kenya!

The end of this semester is quickly approaching, which means we are busier than ever. Most of us are wishing we were someone else. Take a look at our latest poll and tell us who you would rather be.

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