PM in the AM


One thing we pride ourselves in at KWTS, is our diverse Special Programming. While our station format is college and indie rock, we’ve been known have every kind of special show – with everything from hip hop to metal to country, we have something for everyone.

Among our special shows, is our morning show. This one is extra cool because unlike other special shows, the morning show is Monday-Friday, and it’s actually a paid position on our staff. For the previous two semesters, the morning show mics were commandeered by The HandsomeMan Morning Show hosts – David-Man and Handsome Rob. They left quite a legacy at KWTS (and can still be heard on The One on Fridays from 9-11am).

However, stepping in to fill the shoes of the Handsome Brothers were two magnificent characters that keep us laughing all day long. Payton Northrup and Malcolm Montgomery of PM in the AM wake you up at 7am and keep you glued to your radio until 9.

They talk about everything from breaking news to pop culture to sports, and their hilarious dynamic is sure to keep you entertained. You can listen to PM in the AM every weekday morning (and you should) by checking out, your WTMobile app, or of course by turning your FM dial to 91.1.

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