DJ of the Week – Jared Cantu

Once again summer has disappeared, leftover heat hovering in the atmosphere like the irritating mosquitoes that just won’t die. Vacation memories now snuggle up to selfies and screen shots, piled deep on Face Book and pushing the storage in your phone to maximum.

Books, fresh pens and white paper fill back packs. School bells haunt the hallways. The AM never came so early. And the countdown until holiday breaks has already begun.

But here on the campus of WT, more specifically here in the Schaeffer Studio, KWTS Practicum is in full swing. Special shows diversify the airwaves with country, jazz, movie talk and metal. And all the first semester students cracked the mic for the first time.

Their second week has passed for most, voices compacted into digital format. Through those files, we selected our first Fall 2016 DJ of the Week – Jared Cantu.

You can call him JD. We do. He’s been on his A Game since day one. Granted, most hiccup the first run through or two. It happens. The whole idea, especially at first glance and trial, is nerve racking. So we gave him a break, although we feel like we really didn’t need to.

He shows up to all our extracurricular events. He does his homework. Even before he was a Buff, he stopped by, extremely interested in our program. He even rolled up his sleeves with us in building the severely humble KWTS abode for Shack-a-thon. To be honest, why wouldn’t we pick him.

Despite all our rambling type, only the man of the hour can describe jdhimself:

“My name is J.D. or the Hispanic@thedisco and I’m currently a freshman here at WTAMU,  all you really have to know about me is that I’m pretty laid back, I like meeting new people and helping out when I can. I hope to one day be able to have my own radio show, or to become a actor. Be sure to tune in every Wednesday from 3-5 on 91.1 “The One” the station for your generation!”

He even signs off in text, how awesome is that. This rookie will become a seasoned veteran here at the station.


Whatever you need, J.D., we got your back. Just ask.

Sincerely yours,

The One, 91.1





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