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Chalk it up a Little

Chalk. Noun. A soft white limestone formed from the skeletal remains of sea creatures. Available in a plethora of colors, shapes, and sizes. Verb. To draw or write with chalk. Or get a pool cue ready for that epic bounce

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Harvesting a Future with Maroon & White

The first time is always rough. In front of the mic, an overwhelming arsenal of buttons, knobs, and faders at your disposal but you are too scared to fire up the beast. Fingers shaky over the red, hesitant to make

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Heading East to Make it West

Radio does not seem that difficult when stripped down to the bare bones. Disconnect the paperwork to focus solely on the DJ, that voice cutting the air waves into ear candy  dipped in musical awesome sauce. Granted, a disc jockey

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Follow the Retro Brick Road

Nostalgia. A term used to reference all that our inner nerd loves. An idea built around appreciating, admiring, and never forgetting the things that shaped our childhood. TV shows, movies, music, fashion, hair styles, toys, and even food and drinks.

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A Little History of One

There’s this dusty little thing called a blog – a conventional way to express in type what you feel, see, experience, breathe, and bleed. For radio, this is non-conventional, an odd way to share the inner workings of broadcast. You

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We Got a Killa’ on the Airwaves

We survived midterms. At least, we assume. So far, the halls remain full. Seats – for the most part – are occupied. Those still dedicated hit the books and keyboards, write paper after paper, take quiz after quiz and drink

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Just Another Case of the Monday’s

In the context of things, let’s pretend this blog came earlier, that Homecoming on the glorious campus of West Texas A and M University did not happen prior to this post. Let’s make believe we typed this up, hit “Publish”,

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